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I am not a natural chef. I started cooking shortly before marrying my husband Josh eight years ago. Up until that point I spent very little time in the kitchen. My specialities were canned soup, scrambled eggs, and grilled cheese sandwiches. My mom often said that she worried about my husband, since I was such an unenthusiastic cook! After getting married I realized that I enjoyed trying new recipes and cooking for other people. I developed an interest in healthy eating and spent a lot of time researching nutritious and creative meal ideas.


When I first started cooking, my kitchen was a complete disaster. I never had any idea what to make. I didn't go grocery shopping with a list, and I felt like I didn't have the right ingredients to follow a recipe. I was constantly going to the store and spending money on more food, yet I was throwing things out that I didn't end up using. I was strict about not eating out, yet our grocery spending was huge!


After my daughter was born, I realized I needed a solution to the chaos. I started planning out meals and grocery lists ahead of time, and developed some simple cleaning routines. Life got a lot easier. I now have a three-year-old daughter named Lochlyn that likes to "help" in the kitchen. I also have a one-year-old son named Malcolm, who prefers to pull everything out of my cabinets. I find it hard to believe that I am able to cook every night, and yet most of the time it isn't a challenge.

I get a lot of praise for my cooking. My secret is my recipe collection. I have a ton of tested recipes saved that I know my family enjoys. 

In addition to planning and cooking, I love getting out and enjoying the outdoors. I live close to the mountains and I love backpacking, biking, and hiking with my family. I am also interested in de-cluttering and finding new ways to simplify life.


I know from experience that finding time to cook is hard. Trying to come up with creative recipes your family won't complain about is a challenge. Eating healthy when you are constantly on the go is even more difficult. Trying to do all of these things and stay within a grocery budget can feel impossible. I believe you can meet any, or all of these goals and I would love to help you get there.


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