Why the Name Kinsalt?

I had a difficult time thinking of a name for this little business of mine. I believe that names can be so important and I wanted something that was significant and unique. I also wanted something that hadn't been used before, so I could have an easy-to-remember website address and social media accounts.

I thought of quite a few options, but none them felt quite right. I liked the idea of family or relationships being part of the name. This is something that is important to me and a core value of the business. I started searching for other words for family, community, and relationship, and came across the word kin.

At about the same time, I saw a Facebook post about women being the "salt of the home". The reasoning was that women are like salt because they add flavour. I don't necessarily agree with this analogy, but I liked the imagery.

I started playing around with the word salt. I happen to love salty foods and use the condiment often. A salt shaker is something that is almost always present at the dinner table. When thinking of salt at the table, I am always reminded of the simple phrase "pass the salt". This brings to mind a table full of family, friends, or even a single person, eating and enjoying the moment.

After playing around with words, I came up with the name Kinsalt. I realized this was perfect as I am a meal planning consultant and Kinsalt sounds like the word consult. I am also interested in doing other household consulting work in the future, so the name is a great fit!

I would love for Kinsalt meal plans to bring a little extra flavour to your menu. Each plan is created completely personalized, with the goal of you enjoying the process of creating and eating it. Your table, and the people at it, are already there. Maybe Kinsalt can top off your table, and help bring those people even closer together with some delicious recipes!

If you are interested in what Kinsalt meal plans are all about you can take a free assessment and receive a free sample meal plan today!

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