My New Year's Resolution

It's December, and we all know what that means (besides the obvious). January is right around the corner, and that means New Year's resolutions. Some of us love making resolutions in January, and other's I know are not fans.

I fall somewhere in the middle. I like the idea of a clean slate - starting fresh. I also think that if a new year motivates you to make positive changes in yourself - great! My gripe with resolutions starting in January is that I don't think we should feel like we need to wait until the new year to decide to work towards a goal. Often times we use January first as an excuse to let things slide in December. We will start being good next month! This actually set us further back from where we want to be, so that we have to work extra hard come January if we want to be successful. I have decided that I'm not waiting until January to work towards my goal - this year, I am starting early!

Even though I started working on my resolution last week, I have decided to start slow. During the past few days I have made a few small changes in my daily life that I believe will get me closer to my goal, rather than further from it.

What is my resolution for 2018?

To live a slower and more enjoyable life.

I am a doer, I am constantly taking on more things and I push myself to get everything done. I strive to have the whole house as clean as possible every day, and every night. I attempt to cook three meals a day, work two hours a day, take the kids to do multiple activities every day, connect with friends, work on my spiritual life, get all the errands done, don't miss out on any community events, or social events, or any fun things we could do. It is so bad that I feel guilt when I see other kids playing outside because in that moment my kids aren't playing outside too. If I go to bed with a messy house I feel like I have failed. If my husband doesn't have leftovers for lunch tomorrow - major guilt.

Eventually I crash (usually on the weekends!) because my schedule is so full. Then I feel upset with myself because I didn't accomplish what I wanted to. I am always in a rush to get from one place to the next, and because I tend to run around the house like a crazy person trying to accomplish just a few more tasks as I head out the door. I am often late. And stressed. And I am probably a mess! This year I want to focus on the things that are important to me, and the things that make my family's lives, and my life more enriched. I am going to try to let the rest go, learn to say no, and get rid of all the FOMO (I don't think I have ever said FOMO before). No more guilt for me!

Since I have this problem of taking too much on, I have started working towards my goal slowly. I am not trying to add more enjoyable things to my life, but rather I am removing things that are keeping me from reaching my goal, one by one. For example, I could have decided to get outside everyday and take the time to enjoy the fresh air. The problem is that this would add to my already huge to-do list, that I want to shorten!

During the past week I have focused on letting little things go that don't add value to my life, one step at a time. I have already seen a lot of positive change. My mind feels clearer, and I have worked through some personal issues and some relational ones that I have been avoiding by filling my time and my mind with other things. I want to share the changes I have made because I think they may benefit some of you, but this post is getting too long to go there. I will share another post with you tomorrow for those that are interested.

I also want to encourage you to start thinking about your goals or resolutions earlier this year. How awesome would it be going into January to feel like you were already a step ahead, rather than a step behind. You could spend December feeling good, rather than bad about the choices you are making!

I would love to hear from you on this! Do you make New Year's resolutions? Will you join me in starting early this year? Do it!

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