What is a Kinsalt Meal Plan Anyways?

I have had quite a few people ask me what exactly I do over here at Kinsalt. I am thinking it would be a good idea to explain what you can expect with a Kinsalt meal plan.

My goal is to create a meal plan that works for you. There are a ton of different types of meal services out there. I believe that the difference between Kinsalt, and other meal planning websites is that I work with you to create something that will work for you.

If you are struggling in the meal planning, or cooking department, I will help you find a solution. If you need some new inspiration I can send you a plan with some exciting new recipes based on your tastes and preferences. On a budget? Me too! Let's figure out a plan that will save you some money!

What you can expect from a Kinsalt meal plan

The first step in the process is to complete an initial assessment form, which you can find here. This takes less than five minutes, I promise - and it doesn't cost anything! Once you complete this form, I will send you a free sample meal plan, recipe cards, and a grocery list. Please note that this plan isn't custom-made for you, it is just an example of what a Kinsalt meal plan looks like. This first step is no strings attached - if you just want some meal inspiration for the week - give it a go! It only costs five minutes of your time.

Along with the sample plan, I will send you a link to a second assessment. This one also takes less than five minutes - super easy! Once I receive your answers we will talk about how many recipes you need, and how often you would like to receive a meal plan. I may also have some more questions for you, or you may have some more things you want to discuss.

After those first two easy steps, you can expect to receive your first custom meal plan within a few days. With your plan, you will receive a grocery list, and recipe cards for each recipe on the plan. Each week that you receive a plan, I will follow-up with you to see how it is going, and get feedback on your recipes. The more we communicate, the better I can tailor recipes to your liking. If you prefer not to take the time, that is perfectly fine as well of course. We are all busy, I get that.

From here, there are so many options that we can do, depending on what works for you. My personal favorite, is creating rotating, seasonal plans for your family. These give you recipes for a couple weeks at a time that you can rotate through. Then, when you want a change, I can switch up a few recipes or send you a new plan. Making the same recipes every couple of weeks saves you so much money, and time.

Thinking about trying out Kinsalt? Complete an Initial Assessment form today, and check out a sample meal plan!

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